LGBTQ Community

At Stella Oak, we specialize in helping LGBTQ individuals, couples, families and businesses protect what’s most important and accumulate and preserve wealth. While many financial strategies can be universal, we understand the specific financial and legal nuances inherently unique to your situation…regardless of what life stage you’re in.

Perhaps you and your partner are thinking about getting married, combining finances and buying a house. Or you’re ready to start a family and are exploring fertility and funding options. Perhaps you’ve made partner at your firm and looking for tax efficient vehicles to invest deferred comp. Or you’re thinking about a fabulous vacation property and an early retirement.

Regardless where you’re at, we’ll help you get to where you want to be. No judging, No jargon. Let’s first start by getting to know you and learning more about your goals and dreams. Then, together, create and implement a financial plan to help you get there.

At Stella Oak, you’re not alone. We get you. We’re in this together. And we want to be your trusted financial partner…for life.

Aligned on Values

We deeply respect the fervent connection between personal values and financial investing. Many of our clients are passionate about ensuring their investment strategy aligns with causes they believe in. It’s important to them…it’s also important to us.

That’s exactly why we are soon launching The Giving Collective, a social justice community of individuals who have both the heart and resources to help fight for basic human rights and equality for all. As a non-profit organization, our combined giving can have exponential impact and fuel lasting change here in LA – specifically within the LGBTQ+ community where youth homeless is so high.

Youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer/questioning are at a significantly greater risk of becoming homeless than their non-LGBTQ friends. This is unacceptable. And we are doing something about it. This is not just a social responsibility - it’s our mission.

Stay tuned – The Giving Collective coming soon in 2021.

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